Happy Girls Are Prettier

About Us

Objective & Mission
Dream Keepers is a non-profit organization geared toward empowering all women to follow their dreams with a continuous emphasis on positivity, happiness, and beauty. Our mission is to build positive relationships and provide opportunities to help women develop and grow in multiple areas of their lives.

Our Vision
We find that a woman’s dream to succeed in life is usually compromised by a lack of resources and support, a lack of finances and stability, a lack of education and training, and a lack of inspiration and encouragement. Our vision is to build a powerful network of women that are committed to building up the other in the form of collaboration, community, and connection with a continuous emphasis on positivity, happiness, and beauty.

What We Believe
We believe that Dream Keepers will help women of all walks of life to overcome ingrained, intimidating life challenges that keep them from following their dreams. Our partnerships and collaborative relationships will help these women to accelerate their growth, generate new opportunities, ultimately achieve their goals, and excel in life.

A Platform of Positivity, Happiness, & Beauty
Danielle Williams, founder and CEO of Dream Keepers, believes that “Happy Girls are Prettier” and has made it her life’s mission to help those in her spear of influence, millennial women, find their positivity, their happiness, and their beauty. A successful business woman, entrepreneur and model (Yellie Gianna), Danielle is using her modeling career and business acumen to inspire other women to follow their dreams and adopt “B E A U T I F U L” Core Values:

Beautiful: Revealing one’s inner and outward beauty.

Empowered: Helping women to confidently reach their maximum potential.

Ambitious: Achieving all challenging aspirations with the resources provided.

Unconventional: Encouraging women not to conform to what or how it’s usually done.

Talented: Using one’s natural skills, gifts, and abilities to impact other women.

Integrity: Upholding oneself with character that others will want to follow, and conducting business in an honorable, honest, and ethical way.

Focused: Maintaining a clear path of dedication and determination to achieve what one wishes to obtain.

Unfettered: To not be restricted to the conformities of society.

Liberated: Allowing one’s self to be free to seek one’s purpose in life.