Happy Girls Are Prettier


Need for Funding
Dream Keepers’ desire is to develop programs and initiatives that invest in the success and sustainability of women who strive to follow their dreams. Because most women lack the finances, confidence, networks, and training necessary to see their ideas through, Dream Keepers endeavors to provide quality programs and services at no cost or at a substantially reduced and affordable rate to our participants.

Our ambition is to partner with companies, organizations, ministries, families, and individuals who share our vision to empower, encourage, uplift, and inspire Happy, Positive, and Beautiful women to follow their dreams.

The Dream Girls Program
The Dream Girls Program is all about empowering girls to make a difference in not only their lives but the lives of others.

The program teaches the girls to lead, to encourage, and to empower other girls to believe in themselves, accomplish their goals, and follow their dreams. Dream Keepers’ Dream Girls come to get inspired then leave with practical advice and tools to make their dreams a reality. This program builds the girl’s self-worth and confidence as they learn that beauty really does come from within.

For six weeks our Dream Girls Program provides weekly age-appropriate sessions that focus on responsibility, self-esteem and self-perception, goal setting and accountability, community responsibility, relationship building, exercise and fitness, life skills, health and beauty, and career and job readiness. Our Dream Girls are introduced to expert professionals in various disciplines and businesses and field trips or outings may be scheduled throughout the program, if permitted. In addition, each girl will enjoy Glam Sessions that consist of spa quality tutorials or salon treatments for hair, skin, and nails. The program’s six-week sessions end with a Celebratory Event, that the girls create, and an Award Ceremony. Each girl who successfully completes the program receives a Dream Keepers Certificate and gift bag.

This program can be customized to fit the specific needs of your organization.

Training Classes
Dream Keepers is seeking partners and sponsors to help fund our training programs and networking events. A basic checklist of items and expenses associated with training sessions and networking events is given below (Estimated expenses based on 1 training session with 25 participants):

• Training Class Venue Rental and Fees – $1,000

• Equipment (Portable White Board, Flip Chart Stand, Overhead Projector, Projection Screen, A-V Equipment, Laptop Computer) – $2,500*

• Speakers’ and Consultant’s Expenses and Fees – $500

• Marketing and Advertising – $150

• Catering (refreshments and meals) – $300

• Training Manuals and Binders – $375

• Handouts/Workbooks – $250

• Copying and Printing – $100

• Prizes, Giveaways, Awards – $100

• Name Badges or Name Tents – $25

• Completion Certificates – $25

• Supplies (Notebooks, Folders, Markers, Pens/Pencils, Paper) – $50

*A one time expense unless items are rented.

Other Costs & Expenses
Promotions, Marketing & Advertising – $5,000

Event Staffing – $3,000

Merchandise (T-Shirts, Hats, Bags, Mugs, Planners) – $2,000

Expo & Networking Venue Rental & Fees (per event) – $2,000

Become a Volunteer
Please download, print and fill out the form below. Bring form and identification with you prior to starting your first day.
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