Happy Girls Are Prettier

Programs & Services

Dream Keepers’ programs and services are designed to serve the needs of the members of our community who want to follow their dreams. To that end, we provide practical business education for women and offer a variety of skill building sessions, personal and professional development, marketing and branding classes, networking and mentoring opportunities, and social media exposure.

Classes and Training

Life Skills Training: These workshops focus on mindset and positivity; happiness, and beauty. The classes teach the importance of appearance, appreciation for others, interpersonal and soft skills, and communication.

Entrepreneurial and Business Planning Coaching: Business Plan Development; Business Start-Up and Implementation; and Non-Profit and 501c3 Implementation classes are offered to those interested in both for profit and non-profit business ownership.

Business Development and Consultation: Our experienced team of experts design and/or review your business goals and help you develop a business and implementation plan, marketing strategies, brand creation and much more to help you grow your brand. One-on-one or group consultation sessions are available to get you the kind of personalized help you need to implement your dream.

Role Models and Mentors: Experienced DK members agree to mentor younger less experienced members of the organization. The mentee is then able to receive DK’s Reach Back Funding. Reach Back Funds are awarded to mentees to help defray start-up costs for their business.

Networking Events: DK will host Expo and networking events that will allow business owners of DK to showcase their business, skills, and talents; meet new and potential clients; and help market and brand their business.

Dream Kamp: The Dream Kamp is designed to provide leadership development and peer mentoring, in a safe place to learn and grow, for young female teenagers, ages 13-18. Dream Keepers’ goal is to empower the leaders of this generation to inspire, motivate, and lead others.